Draw & Send Lite

If you have a desire to create a postcard with your own hands - now you can do this, simply use this application. Thanks to the huge number of frames (in the full version is over 800), pictures (in the full version is over 2800), as well as the possibility of drawing it will give you just endless possibilities for the manifestation of your creativity. The main essence of the application - this is a step by step drawing cards, the basic steps are three: add a frame, add a picture, drawing by hand. Each step - this is the imposition of something over the previous steps. There are undo / redo steps. The result of the application - a ready card, you can save it to your device or send it by e-mail. Features: 1) You can change the background of the postcard 2) You can add a frame from our collection of more than 800 pieces (in the full version) 3) You can add a picture from our collection, more than 2800 pieces (in the full version) 4) You can add pictures from your camera or your collection 5) When you add in your collection have the opportunity to pre-"cut" image 6) Any pictures and frames can be rotated, moved and resized 7) In the drawing, it is possible to "draw with transparency", erasing drawn, using different colors and sizes of brushes Tips: Move your device up or down to show or hide any menu. Change the background to "Frame" and "picture": to choose a picture frame or click on the button "Turn right" uses a random color on the button "Turn Left" resets the background color. Change the background should be the first step in creating greeting cards.