Melodic Screen

Musical entertainment applications for adults and children, through which you can try yourself as a musician. Professional purposes is not intended application, but will make you smile! Key features: 1) Number of sound - 4,360 items, 30 categories 2) Ability to play any 30 of these sounds simultaneously 3) Ability to "circular" by any of the sounds, ie, put it to play continuously 4) Children's sounds - different sounds for the children, each assigned its own icon In front of you 30 "cubes", each can be assigned to the sound from the general collection. If you see a cross on the "cube" - just hitting translates into a tuning mode, where you can select the sound and color (red, green, blue) for this "cube" or "clean up" the cube. In setup mode, pressing the "cube" leads to a set of random colors. In order to play sound - click on the "cube". To "loop" it - click on the "cube" and a little finger hold. To configure the block - click on it and hold it longer. At the bottom are three buttons - "Clear the entire grid", "Load random sounds," "Download sounds childish." We hope that the application like you and your children.