Teaching and games. Riddle train

Entertain the little fidget with a great developing app! Buy the software one time and download it onto any iOS-devices, from iPhone to iPad. Vivid lifelike pictures, wonderful voicework and music you and your child will like! 23 interesting tasks with different levels of difficulty. Our "Riddle Train" is made up of 23 wagons and each wagon train features a separate entertaining game. Every child from 1 year to 8 years old will find fun and exciting tasks and activities. Her is a list of tasks and games, and it is just a tiny part of what we have in store for you: * "Who is who" will show kids what animals or objects look like * With the help of letters and sounds the child will get acquainted with the alphabet * Find an animal whose name starts with a certain letter. Make a word by a picture * Get to know the numbers. Complete a variety of counting tasks, from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division * Get some rest: games to train skill and reaction, a classic memory game and a game of puzzle and will not let your kid get bored! * And so much more ...